About us

Brought to life

After 15 years working in the industry of marketing, advertising and graphic design here in sunny San Diego, Jennifer Dunn had a branding idea for a coffee shop that later developed into a mobile cafe concept.  When the opportunity presented itself back in 2019, she went for it with all the gusto one could imagine, and Hot Bevs™ Coffee & Tea Co began coming to life! The business launched in 2020, and finally hit the streets in the midst of a pandemic.  When other coffee shops were forced to temporarily close their doors, Hot Bevs™ was able to fill in the gaps due to its “grab-and-go” design.  People need their coffee and Hot Bevs™ is here for it!  Since then, Hot Bevs™ big yellow truck has become known as one of the best (and brightest) coffee & beverage caterer in San Diego!

So... who is Bev?

A fun question we hear almost daily!  To some people, the name literally means that someone in there is named Bev and thinks she’s hot.  But, double entendres are fun, and what it could really mean is that we have awesome drinks and they are hot because they are cool, and cool because they are delicious.  And Bevs could actually be short for beverages… well, anyway, we could keep going, but whatever you want to imagine it means is fine with us… just please don’t make the erroneous assumption that we only serve our drinks hot!

Sunshine in a cup

We source our products from other small, family-owned and operated businesses that take as much pride in the creation of their products as we do serving it.  We are a small business and we try to support other small businesses as much as we can.  We developed great working relationships with all of our suppliers and we respect their hard work and dedication, because the end result is an incredible cup of coffee, unique and interesting tea blends, mouth-watering smoothie beverages, and sweet treats that dreams are made of, all in one place.

Our Truck

A brand new, custom-build out of Los Angeles, California, the Hot Bevs™ Coffee truck is full of delicious fun!  We are a petite 24-feet long, but in the world of mobile coffee, we are one of the largest in town.

Our dual water tank capacity allows us to handle large events with ease. We are set up with modern espresso machines, grinders, brewers, and blenders.  We run a powerful, but quiet, high-output on-board gas generator which allows us to be fully contained with power and water and serve from any location, although we do have the option to plug into 220V power outlet, instead, if provided by the venue.

Our happy, modern pop art style brings a bit of sunshine to every event — Come by for a smile, and stay for a drink!

What’s on the truck?


We source our beans from a small family-owned coffee roaster up in Yosemite. They are long-standing California natives and they take pride in their uncommon, time-honored roasting process that ensures a smooth, deep flavor in every shot of espresso.


Our artisan tea partner is another small family-owned business who crafts their teas in small batches using only the finest loose leaf tea blends combined with other purely natural flavor ingredients. We have a large selection of unique teas you will love.


We partnered with a revolutionary California beverage company to offer the best shelf-stable, clean-label fruit smoothies on the market!  Incredibly rich fruit flavors, non-GMO, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives are what make our 100% crushed fruit smoothies so healthful and delicious!


Freshly baked pastries and donuts are almost as important as the coffee! We partner with some of the best bakeries in town to bring you a unique variety of traditional, vegan and gluten-free options.